Thin Ledge Stones

Thin Ledge Stones from Baltazar’s Stone

Thin Ledge stone in Omaha is one of the most versatile stone selections, whether interior or exterior. Due to the array of heights and laying styles, it has the ability to transform a project into a timeless focal point.

Omaha Ledge stone can be cut into varying height from 1” to 6” by random longitude of 6’’ & up to 16’’. It can be installed with a mortar joint or “dry stacked”. Dry stacked dimensional stone gives a very contemporary look, while maintaining the elegant appeal. Individual castle stones, called “jumpers,” can be mixed in to the ledge stones to create an even more customized look for your project.

Omaha Natural Stack Stone is the latest, most versatile and unique contemporary style natural stone product. It is designed to fit your budget and your taste – a perfect choice for interior decorative natural stone projects such as: fireplace surrounds, accent walls, showers, back splashes and more.

Baltazar’s varieties of natural thin veneer ledge stone include:

Cheyenne Ledge Stone

Buck’s Creek Thin Ledge

Cheyenne Ledge Stone

Cheyenne Thin Ledge

Cherry Hill Thin Ledge Stone

Cherry Hill Thin Ledge

Copper Ridge Thin Ledge Stone

Copper Ridge Thin Ledge

Moss Rock Ledge Stone

Moss Rock Thin Ledge

Rough Country Ledge Stone

Rough Country Thin Ledge

Rustic Brown Ledge Stone

Rustic Brown Thin Ledge

Texas Cream Ledge Stone

Texas Cream Thin Ledge