Castle Stones

Castle Stones from Baltazar’s Stone

Omaha Castle stone is a particular pattern of large 8” to 14” square and rectangular stone pieces. The pieces have a “snapped” edge that leaves you with a bold, yet purposeful look. Fantastic for walls, fireplaces, and the front of a home.

All of our stone, when cut into either a castle stone or ledge stone, can also be cut into a dimensional pattern or “ashlar”. This is when all four sides are cut straight and smooth. This is great look for areas requiring sophistication.

Baltazar’s Stone varieties of natural thin veneer castle stone include:

Cheyenne Castle Stone

Cheyenne Castle Stone With Jumpers

Chilton Castle Stone

Dark Hickory Castle Stone

Fox Den Castle Stone

Irish Castle Stone

Merlot Castle Stone

Rustic Brown Castle Stone

Rustic Cedar With Burgandy Accents